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Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Olga Villaseñor is currently the Social Security Administration Trust Lead for the Denver and Seattle Regions.

Olga will be giving a brief overview of the types of trust she reviews and will go over SSA’s trust review process. The program will identify points of interest when determining Special Needs Trust exclusions, share tips for practitioners in drafting and administering SNT’s, and share any recent relevant chief counsel precedents that might be of interest to attendees.


By Olga Villaseñor


Samuel Donaldson is a Professor of Law at Georgia State University. He is a popular speaker who covers federal income, estate, and gift taxes, and the author of numerous books.

This presentation covers what special needs planners need to know about the federal income taxation of estates and trusts, with an emphasis on recent developments and the common mistakes and traps in the field. Also included is brief discussion of post-SECURE Act retirement planning.

By Samuel Donaldson


Practitioners regularly focus on the complexities related to distributions from
trusts, guardianships/conservatorships, and estates. However, very little attention gets paid to the fiduciary duties owed by trustees, guardians/conservators, and agents regarding investments. This session will take an in depth look at these duties and best practices for fiduciaries.

By Josh Brothers

Thursday, April 29, 2021


Congress enacted the SECURE Act at the end of 2019 and completely changed estate planning for retirement accounts.  For most beneficiaries, it signaled the end of “Stretch IRA Planning.”  However, it created a new regimen where leaving retirement accounts to special needs consumers and their trusts will save on income and estate taxes.

This course will review pre-SECURE Act retirement account planning and what has changed.  We will then look at post-SECURE Act planning techniques and compare strategies and the tax savings that special needs planners can create.

By Frank R. Acuña


The legal issues impacting students with disabilities often implicate multiple areas of law including administrative special education law, common law tort and personal injury, and federal and state civil rights statutes. Cedar Law PLLC takes a holistic approach to these matters and its founding partner, Lara Hruska, will speak to that intersection and address issues such as administrative exhaustion, issue spotting, and potential remedies and relief. 

By Lara Hruska
Sponsored by: CPT Institute


Paid employment for adults with disability often presents challenges with
maintaining essential and valuable third-party benefits. This session will provide practical information regarding the actual rules specific to earned income and preservation of benefits such as SSI and Home and Community Support Medicaid waiver services that may be essential for maintaining independent function in the community for the disabled individual.

By Ann Koerner
Sponsored by: National Care Advisors

Friday, April 30, 2021


This session discusses when deeming applies, when it doesn’t, and how to calculate exactly the amount deemed and market that skill to trust companies employing parents as care givers. In addition, we’ll discuss how to resolve an unplanned inheritance or personal injury award, or an unexpected salary increase that the deemor parent receives.

By David Lillesand
Sponsored by: Medivest Benefit Advisors


The “Ask the Experts” program has been a big hit. This program provides the answers to any questions from attendees to the nation’s leading experts in all things special needs. Audience participation is expected and stumping our experts has been great fun. We look forward to a high-powered panel of experts waiting to be stumped.

Moderator: Kevin Urbatsch

April 16 - 20, 2020

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Get up-to-date information about retirement planning, medical expense tax deductions, strategies for growing your practice, planning for digital assets, evaluating financial planners, integrating veteran’s benefits, and more.

Thursday April 16, 2020

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Understanding public benefits for persons with disabilities is critical to understanding how to prepare and administer a special needs plan. This program will discuss the fundamentals of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Childhood Disabled Beneficiary (CDB), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medicaid, and Medicare as they concern persons with disabilities. Without knowledge of what is (and is not) available through public benefits and the rules that govern them, there is no special needs planning for attorneys or financial advisors. Moreover, without knowing the effect a distribution has on public benefits, an SNT trustee will not be able to properly administer special needs trusts.

By Theresa Varnet and Travis Finchum

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